Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Considering a Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney? The attorneys at Beutler Law Offices can file a chapter 7 bankruptcy as fast you are ready, in some cases even on the same day of your consultation and for as little as $0 money down!

If you’re facing overwhelming debt, garnishments, lawsuits, or other collections don’t continue to wait. You have rights. You have options. The attorneys at Beutler Law Offices are among the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Utah and have helped thousands of Utahans over the past 7 years get fresh start. Beutler Law is also one of the only firms in Utah that work to repair your credit after a bankruptcy filing, included at no additional cost.

It’s heartbreaking for the staff at Beutler Law Offices to see people lose their vehicles, homes, and even personal property to garnishments and seizures when help is readily available. We understand many people don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars available to file for bankruptcy. For this reason, we offer as little as $0 Money Down options with affordable payment plans for all of our services including:

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy AttorneyChapter 7 Bankruptcy is called the ‘fresh start’ bankruptcy because it wipes out nearly every kind of debt and allows debtors to start fresh again. The many types of debt a chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge includes:

  • medical bills
  • credit cards, lawsuits
  • judgments
  • payday loans
  • signature loans
  • home and auto deficiencies
  • almost every other kind of debt that exists

The few debts chapter 7 bankruptcy may not discharge includes:

  • child support and alimony,
  • criminal fines and restitution
  • back taxes that are less than 3 years old from the time they were due
  • student loans (unless repayment of the loans would cause an undue hardship)
  • Debts legally found to be incurred by fraud or breach of fiduciary duty

How Does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Work?

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy creates an automatic stay on ALL collection activities, meaning that creditors must immediately STOP:

  • lawsuits
  • garnishments
  • collection calls
  • foreclosures
  • repossessions
  • nearly any other form of collection on debt

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process From Start To Finish

  • Schedule at free attorney consultation to determine your best debt relief options
  • Fill out and provide the initial paperwork needed
  • Meet with an attorney to review and sign your bankruptcy forms
  • Attend a meeting approximately 30 days after filing your bankruptcy to review your forms and request any additional information needed.
  • Wait 60 days to receive your discharge
  • Work with the staff at Beutler Law Offices help repair your credit

The total Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process in Utah typically takes 90-120 days to complete. Aside from completing the initial paperwork, the staff and attorneys at Beutler Law Offices work to make the process as easy as possible. We understand life is already incredibly stressful during tough financial times so we make every effort to take the stress off of you.
As soon as you meet with the attorneys at Beutler Law Offices and decide to proceed you can start referring your creditors and collection calls to us and debt collectors can no longer call you!

Bankruptcy Benefits

Will I lose any of my assets or property if I file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In most bankruptcy cases debtors do not lose any of their assets! Utah has many exemptions for your personal property that protect your assets from creditors and bankruptcy trustees. It is very important you talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Utah regarding your assets and available exemptions. Bankruptcy exemptions in Utah in most cases protect your:

  • home
  • vehicles
  • furnishings
  • retirement accounts
  • firearms
  • family heirlooms including wedding rings
  • Tools used for business, or almost any asset used for a business purpose

Will Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stop a Garnishment or Lawsuit?

Yes! Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stops creditors and collections immediately

How Long Does It Take to Get Back to Good Credit After a Bankruptcy?

The staff and attorneys at Beutler Law Offices believe repairing your credit is an essential part of the bankruptcy fresh start. In today’s age a credit score at times determines what job you can get, where you can live, how much you pay for insurance, and many other unfair applications. With help from Beutler Law Offices, your credit can heal in as little as 12-18 months after bankruptcy. The attorneys at Beutler Law Offices will review your credit report after your discharge and dispute any wrongful collections or inaccurate information. If creditors refuse to remove the inaccuracies, the attorneys at Beutler Law Offices will sue the creditors and get you money damages, free of charge. This is all included in your bankruptcy services and part of our mission to redesign the attorney client experience!

So what are you waiting for?

Help is just a call or text away. The attorneys at Beutler Law Offices are some of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Utah, and can help you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy right away and for as little as $0 money down, with convenient offices located in Ogden, Salt Lake, and Sandy.

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